250 Anyone got a splitter fitted

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by Zs_phil, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. The front and side are really quite smart.

    Im not so sure on the back though.

    Apre you looking at getting them ?
  2. Thought the same mark about the backs
    Wouldn't mind the splitter and maybe the sides at a later time
  3. They do look smart, apart from the back pieces! How do they attach?
  4. Says glue and screws for the front splitter, and probably just glue for the sides
  5. Yeah I saw that. Just wondering if anyone has actually fitted one. Glue and screws doesn't really tell you an awful lot.
  6. Thought about it but all I'll add is another layer of plastic to scrape the floor with :smile:
  7. Hi All

    Im new to the site and have a rs250 ff. I didnt like the front too much and been searching for a front splitter for ages. Nothing decent ive found so far but decided to take a huge risk and been recently tampering with my front bumper and fitted the splitter sold by ebay. link is below.

    pls remember it doesnt fit the rs but had to be modified.

    i would like to put up some pictures of the finished job but cant see how to do it.
    Pls can anyone advise how i can do this pls so i can post some pictures

    thank you in advance


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  8. Hi all agin

    a few photos of the modified front splitter ive had fitted to the car


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  9. Ooooh that looks interesting! Any chance of a bigger image?


    Edit: Just saw your first post. You may want to upload your images to Photobucket or imgur instead!

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  10. I quite like the front one for sure, very tempting
  11. Anyone purchased from these guys yet?
  12. If someone could post larger photo's that would be great :smiley:
  13. [​IMG]

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  14. That's awesome good looking! Did modding take a lot of time to get to this result?
  15. Really?!

    Looks way to busy?
  16. Really not a fan of that splitter one bit.. Bit halfords IMO, sorry.
  17. Hi StephRS

    looks like the splitter isnt to everyones taste, but i think its a vast improvement.

    the rs is a beast but the front is lacking........... my modification looks like a factory fit item and the audi new ranges have also adopted this splitter and incorporated it into the bumper.

    anyway, yes it did take time to create. the original splitter i bought was not wide enough so
    i had to lengthen it by making a fibreglass mould from the centre to give outside profile
    then i used the mould to make the splitter extension piece
    once made i cut the the splitter in the centre and bonded the extension piece to the 2 side pieces
    then aligned the new longer splitter on to bumper and ground the bumper so it would fit flush as possible
    used toolstation stixall bonding sealant and bonded splitter to bumper and secured it in place using aluminiun rivets
    cut and finished the edges so they finished in line with the bumper

    then gave to bodyshop to fill with fibreglass filler, to give a original moulded bumper look, spray and finish.

    all done within a week.

    Hope the above helps
  18. I'm impressed with the effort you've done to get that splitter on the car. I don't think I'll put that much time in it. Although, it does make your car pretty unique :wink:
  19. Thanks Steph

    yes ur right it is very unique now and knowing im the only one (probably in the world) with this more aggressive RS front is pretty cool......
  20. I've been looking into splitters for the 250 RS for a long time. Found the Maxton splitters too, but as StephRS said, it only adds a layer of plastic to scrape off (mine is on coilovers ,and the standard 'splitter' is almost gone already).

    Anyways, the only 'proper' splitter currently out there is one by Flowdesign Australia, and they offer 2 _very_ nice splitters (Version 1 is my favorite):



    Just beware, those prices are in Australian Dollars. Nevertheless, still insanely pricey. Better get your own 10mm plate of PE and start cutting away :tongueout:

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  21. Well we do both live in the Netherlands and with some extra help that would be okay
  22. hi all

    i found this splitter on google images and have not been able to track it down.

    does anyone any info?

    looks interesting....

  23. That's a splitter by Carol Fukaya (Japanese company).


  24. on the website it shows the rs with a huge rear wing and a ferrari style TRIPLE exhaust outlet.

    any more details available on the exhaust?

    i guess the diffuser will be different too.
  25. To me that triple exhaust looks terrible!
  26. .

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  27. I agree, too much going on there especially as I think the 250 looks slick rather than 'boxy'
  28. interesting parts on that website but yeah will he deliver to EU that is the question :tongueout:
  29. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    They do, Prices are stupid though, Not just for the shipping.
  30. Elia carbon is rubbish. Also, don't fit a carbon splitter up front, it'll crack way too quickly. The GFK one would be the only viable option. It's a decent splitter, but it's just again 'too much' for my taste.

    Here's a picture showing the splitter nicely (also note, it replaces the stock 'splitter'):
  31. Anyone fitted one of the maxton design ones?

    Would love to see some proper photos...
  32. Does anyone know or has done the red lip splitter?
    I'm looking to do just the very front edge where the DRLs are and keep the botton and top black.
    (see example below)


  33. Yes Dan Smart had his done that way, about 2 years ago I did that to my GT-R and will be doing the same to the Megane as I'm creating a mini me version :smiley:
  34. Mine has the red lip, but it is like that from factory as part of the red pack...
  35. Yeh was thinking that was stock from factory.
    Awesome if there was an overlay or vinyl to stick over the lip.
    Might be a DIY for future.
  36. Rubber "rhino lip"....

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