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  1. I have been having the electronic fault on my dash for a few days now but before this car was having a misfire and stall while driving so I wiggled the wires in the engine bay next to the battery and ecu and voila everything worked until today when I hit start button it starts with a funny screechy noise but when I shut it down the starter remains running even after the engine shuts down then I have to press the button a few times more before it shuts down completely.
    Any suggestions guys?

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  2. So not a single suggestion?

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  3. Have you tried disconnecting the battery, and reconnecting everything back up just if sometimes loose?

    I wonder if you have any water in your fusebox on the right hand side of the engine?
  4. I don't think you got any suggestions because it sounds like a fairly obscure set of problems you've got there.

    You have a misfire but manipulating the cables from the battery solved it, but now the starter motor is continuously running even when you turn the ignition off?

    I was going to suggest maybe your battery is dieing as that can cause strange electrical issues, but it doesn't really fit with the starter problem so I didn't bother. Could be water as above, electrical short somewhere or bad earth maybe?

    Good luck.
  5. disconnect the battery mate, I'd be inclined to remove the 3 connectors from the side of the ECU and reconnect them up, then reconnect the battery.. maybe a loose connection where you were "wiggling" ! :smile:
  6. Thanks guys.
    I disconnected two of those plugs yesterday Drew G then I let it stand overnight with battery disconnected started fine this morning but wil gt it to auto electrician just for in case it catches fire

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  7. I'll also check the fusebox for moisture during the week

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  8. Hi,, I had this problem with my Megane 225 tonight pressed the stop button removed card and went to start the car again and then the starter motor was turning the engine over but not firing pressed stop and removed card but would not stop turning over, went to pull bonnet release and the f**king cable snapped was turning over for about 5Min's smoke was pissing from bonnet, I ended up ripping the 2 black vents off from top of bumper to opening the bonnet that way,, starter motor F**KED and UPC fuse box F**KED....:rage:

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