250 Passenger side Swivel hub

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by twistywizard, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. My joints in the hub are shot. So I am after a swivel arm. With shot joints. So I can get new joints pressed in and swap out the old with new in one hit. The person pressing and fitting are different locations and I cannot afford to have the car off the road for too long.

    Or if I can borrow someones swivel with shot joints. Then I will send them mine back with shot joints (22K) when completed.

    What have you?
  2. Mark black does these on the car for about £140 a side. Takes him two hours to complete.
  3. It’s easy to do the swap once the hub is out, so you may not need to go down that route.

    Some advice after doing this nearly 10 times now:

    Don’t use a hydraulic press, you can end up damaging the hub carrier. I used to use one but didn’t have the right attachments/blocks etc on the press one time and just used a lump hammer and a bar. Turns out it’s much easier that way!

    Aaron’s Autos in Derby have also started using a lump hammer.

    Have the new ball joint in the freezer ready to go in. Knock out the old one with said lump hammer. Clean up the hole ready. Take new ball joint out of the freezer and fit it into the hub using a large socket (or equivalent) and a bench vice.

    It’s the quickest part of the job, to be honest!

    Simples :smile:

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