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  1. Hi all,
    Having searched through the threads, I’m still unable to get a clear answer on which tyre is best.
    I have a 265 using 235/40/18 95Y tyres, owned since new and always had Michelin PS2 tyres fitted. These tyres are getting harder and more costly to get, so are the PS4 tyres a direct replacement or better? Has anyone have experience whiching from one to the other? Is the PS2 a better tyre or PS4 more worth while?.The car is used for minimal commuting through the week, with very spirited B road driving on weekends!
    Thanks in advance
  2. I havent gone from a PS2, but I have got the PS4. Its a fantastic all round tyre for the road.
  3. I have a 265, went from ps2 to PS4 - great tyre

    Sidewall on the ps2 definitely harder, but it means when driving around town the ps4 are much lighter feel and comfortable but when you press on, you can feel them ‘load up’ in the bends. Grip is great, I’m certainly happy with them.
  4. Had both and I too go on a lot of B road blasts. Preferred the 4. And that’s what I’ll be getting again!
  5. same here back to back.
    PS4 has 10 years plus development over the ps2,so it stands to reason it is a better all round tyre.
    wet/dry weather grip very good.
  6. OK but it has softer sidewall as you said. For me, it is very critical. More important even from outright grip imo.

    So, it is not better from PS2.
  7. you would have to be driving like a looney to get the sidewalls to fold on the road..which is where he is doing the majority of his driving.
    I can feel zero sidewall slop when pushing my R26 on a B road.
  8. The PS4's are also available in an XL-version featuring stiffer sidewalls!
  9. XL is the only choice (95xl)....
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  10. NJH


    One thing I certainly didn't notice in the change from PS2 to PS4 is softer side walls, for starters they look substantially thicker on the sidewall and actually drive to me like a tyre with stiffer construction i.e. slightly more dead feel, slightly more understeer. Going to AD08R was like the same again only more so (but obviously worse wet weather performance). Lighter feel at low speed for the same pressure in the tyre is a dead giveaway of a stiffer tyre.
  11. I went from the 2 to 4, the biggest difference was the sidewall and the ability lean and feel during left foot braking. The DOWNSIDE is that it could be susceptible to potholes. I went over a bump in the peak district and i'm pretty sure that it's what gave my front left a bulge in the tyre
  12. you're concerns with instantly disapear once fit the PS4, its leagues ahead of PS2, hands down the best all round tyre money can buy right now.
  13. PS4 are really cheap on mytyres.co.uk at the moment too for a 225/40/r18 92Y xl £100 instead of £134.
    good value for money
  14. What do you mean? which is stiffer?
  15. he means the ps4 is stiffer.hence the lack of give in the sidewall, when he hit the pothole.
  16. you are never going to be dissapointed with any high performance Michelin tyre.
    I had no problems with ps2,pss or ps4 at max attack on B road blasts.
  17. Anyway, it is a matter of driving style I think. Personally, I was dissapointed from pss, but I liked ps2 on 18''

    But none of them had the sharpness, dynamic charisma and feel of 050A's on 19''. With the sacrifice in ride quality of course....
  18. I've had ps 2 and ps 4. Both great tyres. Now running Sport Maxx RT2 on the front, and personally I think they're better. This is on my R26 running 302/303. Great bit of rubber that I'd highly recommend.

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  19. Not tried myself, hearing good wet/dry grip from RT2 but let down by very soft side walls apparently
  20. will you recommend ps4 over pss?
  21. I have the RT2s on mine and the sidewalls are very soft, they also have a very poor wear rate.
  22. I've had both pss and ps4. Currently have the ps4 and cannot fault them one bit. There is very little difference in dry grip (if any on the road), the feel through the steering is very similar (splitting hairs at the feedback from them) and wet grip is 10x better. If you are road driving then nothing will beat this tyre. It won evo tyre of the year and pretty much won every individual test within the test. Cracking tyre!
  23. Why are people fitting the 4 and not the 4s tyre
  24. They don’t make the 4S in 18”
  25. this..exactly.
  26. Thought id ask the question here why it relevant to the topic.

    What's the difference between PS4 and PS4 DT1?
  27. Vehicle specific could be Merc or beemer just like N tyres are Porsche specific, fit regular PS4 which should be slightly cheaper anyway
  28. cheers for the reply. Ive heard of the vehicle specific tyres, just the DT1 was a new one on me.
  29. I've got PS4's on the front and PS2's on the back. Drifty...
  30. DT1 is an 'upgraded tread from Michelin'. I'm guessing they've used some new tech in the DT1 version hence the slightly higher price.
  31. PS4's all the way for road use, different class in terms of traction and in the wet.

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