225 tyres on rs 3 meg cup wheels

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  1. Hi after advice. the time has come to change my tyres which currently have toyo sports 235/40/18 on which were ok but nothing special on rd but now after a better tyre for rd and occasional track day work max 3 outings per yr. Im looking at mich supersports but only available in 225 size am I ok to use these with my cup alloys 8.5 18 inch??
  2. ive got 225 ad08r on my red 18 tibor alloys
    235s on my road going set.
    shouldnt be a problem.
  3. No issues with tyre wear or handling then
  4. not at all. Wouldn't even notice they're different.
  5. So if I put 225 tyres on my cup alloys there should be no issues
  6. I have 225 AD08R's on my standard alloys and they work fine. Some would say that your tyre choice is not ideal for track however.
  7. Yeah i suppose it would be better if i put 245 on them. But the difference between 225 and 235 is nothing. Price difference is 60 pounds for two. Done plenty of track days no issues.
  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    245s are too wide for stock sized rims, you need a 8.5 or a 9 for them to sit properly
  9. yeah i wasnt 100% sure if they would or not. Bloody expensive so maybe its not a bad thing!
  10. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    I run a 235 on my rear OZ's which are only a 8j and even they are a touch too wide but seeing as they are just road wheels I'm happy to have the softer ride that they give
  11. 225 for semyslick and 235 for road tyres on that wheel size.
    225 road tires are stretched on 8" wide rims let alone woder, but semyslick are wider usually then specified and work fine with woder rims.

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  12. Standard trophy spec 18'' tibor.

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