R26 17 wheels fit on R26

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  1. Would 17" wheels fit on an R26 (over the calipers etc)? Was thinking of these . I was looking at using them as track wheels and then it would mean more options/cheaper tyres too?
  2. tbh I am not that worried about what they look like as they are for the track only and without anything whatsoever to back up my next comment... can't help thinking smaller wheels are going to be better handling-wise

    Thank you for the offer on the wheels and I'll think about it but thinking if 17's fit at around 100 quid then I can put a set of Toyo T1's on them for 200 or so and I am on the track for 300 quid...

    I am an adopted Yorkshireman.. not looking for the cheapest option just the best value, honest :-)
  3. Fairly certain the 17" Clio 197/200 wheels fit.
    I understand your thoughts and reasoning for dropping down to 17s for track, however your choice of tyres kind of ruin any advantages you're hoping for. Those Toyos will overheat and melt on track. I ruined a brand new set in one trackday with them fitted on my brothers mx5 and that only weighed 1100kg and had 150hp. Personally I'd get some decent track tyres. I've had great success in the past with Yokohama AD08Rs and will be fitting them to my R26 in the new year. Yes they are more expensive, however since you're only going to using them on track you're not going to wear them with road miles. They also come with full tread depth as new, not just 5mm like a lot if track biased tyres.
  4. Yes, good point... I was looking at those too but trying to juggle the kids Christmas presents... and mine :-) Makes more sense though and appreciate the heads up on the clio wheels

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