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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Chris bowen, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. would any of you lovely trophy or mark 3 for that matter be interested in a group buy for an a3 engineered art from theses guys


    Looks to be a laser engraved piece with the trophy design

    I've already emailed them and they require 10 people to go ahead and do the design

    Cost will be £135 from the regular £149 for an a3 plaque

    See email below

    iChris, thanks for your enquiry and interest in Engineered Art.

    We don't have any Meganes on file at the moment!

    We are happy to offer the 275 Trophy as a new commission, however to do so we require a minimum of 10 people to put down a 50% deposit on an A3 size plaque (discounted to £135 from the regular £149).

    If you are able to gauge interest amongst other275 Trophy owners, please do so and if there looks to be enough interest then I can put together a group buy page that will run like a mini crowdfunding campaign (example). We find this setup to be particularly effective at motivating people to take part and have good success with it.

    Once we've hit the target number of orders, we'll set about creating the artwork and once it is complete we will send out the individual proof copies to everyone who placed deposits and get them to provide the personalised details they would like adding.

    The remaining 50% deposit + shipping will be due prior to final manufacture. Customers will have the opportunity at this point to upgrade to one of our larger A2 (23.4 x 16.5”) or A1 (33 x 23") plaques, which will also be offered at a discounted group buy price.

    Put your name down if your interested
    Many thanks

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  2. Have you got a design submitted with them at all?

    I can't really picture what it is you're thinking of. Just the side profile? Any writing/text?

    I could possibly be interested but would need to see the actual design first.
  3. No no design submitted yet I can ask for a sample of something else as a reference ??
  4. Yeah sure. I couldn't really see a gallery on their site.
  5. Yeah that looks great.

    Chris, is that the sort of thing you've talked about, because that example seems unique - the the owners details/reg/vin number etc?
  6. That looks cool
  7. I don't get this!
    So it's a metal plaque that's lazer engraved with information found in the handbook? And for over £100??!!
    Am I missing something here, or maybe I have a complete ignorance to 'art' !
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  8. Hi guys, Dan here from Black Art Graphics, happy to answer any questions!

    You are indeed missing something, allow me to explain. :smile:

    The Lotus piece is not the best example of what we do, we produce those under license from Lotus (first point, licensing and the insurance required is mega expensive) and they have final say on the layout and information that is included. They decided that the only information they would include is what was found in the brochure.

    By contrast, here is what we create when we're allowed to do what we want, it's a little more detailed than what you'll find in the handbook...


    Then there's also the matter of the line artwork. This is 100% original, generated from a professionally shot set of reference photographs. It takes 20-30 hours from start to finish and is by far the most detailed and accurate illustration you'll find anywhere.



    Once the artwork is finished it's engraved on a 3mm thick brushed aluminium plaque (custom made item, not off the shelf) using a £50,000 Austrian built Trotec (you cannot make this kind of product with one of those £500 ebay lasers).


    And then packaged up in a premium presentation box:


    Essentially, the price is high because we are only interested in producing the best quality product we can, and we're very good at what we do. Mostly we focus on commercial projects now but we do still produce custom artwork if there's a demand for it, hence the requirement for 10 or more orders.
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  9. Would be interested for one for a mk2 meg 225

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  10. I'd be up for a 275 (pref. 250) and a 225.
  11. I still don't get it!
    Maybe just not my bag!
    Anyway I'll duck out of this now as I have nothing constructive to offer, not at all putting a downer on what you produce, it's just not for me.
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  12. No problem at all! It's extremely niche so does tend to only appeal to small demographic. Originally it was designed as a quality gift for car enthusiasts, but it's sort of turned out that most people buy them for themselves! :smile:
  13. Any development on this, still would love to have a 250!
  14. Would be interested for one for 275 TROPHY.
  15. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    We nearly did a grp buy for this on the clio trophy forum, but we could not get enough people sorted
  16. I would be down for two, the Meg250 and a Meg275
  17. * bump *
  18. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    your bumping a thread that went dead in April, i think you are expecting a bit much :tongueout:

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